"Warlords, Finale"
Young Justice 15 final cover
Young Justice #15
June 3, 2020
Written by Brian Michael Bendis, David F. Walker
Cover by John Timms
Interior Art by John Timms (p.1-15), Scott Godlewski (p.16-22)
Colored by Gabe Eltaeb
Lettering by Wes Abbott
Edited by Bixie Mathiueu, Brittany Holzherr, Jamie S. Rich
Young Justice versus S.T.A.R. Labs! What happens when a universe reboots right under you? Conner is about to find out! The entire Young Justice team confronts the evil genius behind S.T.A.R. Labs and the truth about Conner Kent. This will bring Conner to the doorstep of his namesake, Clark Kent, to find out more about himself and the DC Universe. Guest-starring Superman in a unique crossover with Action Comics.

Summary of Stephness: As Tim proposes including ALL of his new friends in the re-formed Young Justice, Steph is hesitant - both in surprise at being included this time, and in worry that the team might be too big. Her fears are put to rest, and she spends some time getting a proper reunion kiss with Tim on a rooftop, like a good Batfamily couple should!

Behind the Scenes: On instagram co-writer Brian Bendis posted that "she is in 15. 16 is focused on impulse and Connor and then she returns".

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