"Bang Bang Bedlam's Purple Hammer"
Young justice 45 cover
Young Justice #45
July 3, 2002
Written by Peter Allen David
Cover by Humberto Ramos
Pencilled by Todd Nauck
Inked by Lary Stucker
Colored by Jason Wright, Digital Chameleon
Lettering by Ken Lopez
Edited by Eddie Berganza
Previous Issue Birds of Prey #43
Next Issue Robin #103

The conclusion to the 5-part "World Without Young Justice!" The exciting crossover that ran last month through Impulse, Robin and Superboy comes to a head as the alternate reality versions of Young Justice battle with the real team for their continued existence. Can our reality really handle two Young Justices?

Summary of Stephness: Shown on cover and a couple of pages as Robin in an alternate universe.

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Digital Comic Book

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