"World's Finest: Book Four: Superman & Batman"
World's Finest 04 00a copy
World's Finest #4
January 27, 2010
Written by Sterling Gates
Cover by Phil Noto
Interior Art by Phil Noto
Colored by Hi-Fi
Lettering by Jared K. Fletcher
Edited by Harvey Richards, Sean Ryan, Elisabeth V. Gehrlein, Michael Siglain
Previous Issue World's Finest #3
Steph: "Uh, we definitely didn't hit him that hard."

The Toyman and Mr. Freeze activate the ultimate weapon — the new and improved Composite Superman/Batman robot — in an attempt to destroy all Kryptonians. This looks like a job for the World’s Finest, as Superman returns from New Krypton to team up with Dick Grayson Batman to stop the rampaging robot once and for all!
Retailers please note: This issue will ship with two covers, both by Phil Noto, that can be ordered separately. Cover A will feature Superman. Cover B will feature Batman.

Summary of Stephness: Kara and Steph were being throttled by the giant composite Superman/Batman Robot when Superman and Batman came to the rescue. Dick made the robot drop Stephanie and Damian rescued her before she could splatter all over the ground, but while doing so he made a snide remark about her weight and called her "Fatgirl". Stephanie asked him if he was this rude to everyone he worked with. She and Damian took out Toyman, destroying his remote control. Toyman revealed he was plotting against the Kryptonians, but then Mr. Freeze froze Steph and Damian. Superman rescued them. Toyman started convulsing, causing Steph to remark, "we definitely didn't hit him that hard". It turned out Toyman was only a robot of his maker. However, Supergirl was rescued and the day was saved. Supergirl even chastised Damian for insulting her new friend, picking him off the ground by his cape and telling him he "shouldn't call girls fat! You shouldn't call anyone fat!" while Stephanie looked on with her arms crossed.

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