"The Witch & the Warrior, Part Two: Girl Frenzy"
Wonder woman 175 cover
Wonder Woman #175
October 24, 2001
Written by Phil Jimenez
Cover by Jim Lee
Pencilled by Brandon Badeaux, Phil Jimenez
Inked by Marlo Alquiza, Kevin Conrad, Andy Lanning, Jose Marzan Jr., Lary Stucker
Colored by Tom McCraw, Trish Mulvihill
Lettering by Comicraft
Edited by Eddie Berganza, Tom Palmer Jr.
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Next Issue Robin #95

Joker Last Laugh, Pt. 25 of 33. A magically transformed Superman attacks Wonder Woman, causing an epic battle in the heart of NYC's Time Square! Meanwhile, Wonder Girl confronts a "Jokerized" Giganta, while Circe forces the super-heroines to fight the super-villainesses. Plus, Luthor plots with the Joker, and the new Cheetah and Silver Swan return!

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