I, nevermore999, am solely responsible for this wiki. I have been lucky to have some contributors, such as K9feline and LEvraiMrX, but mostly this insanely comprehensive database is all my work.

I'm an eighteen year old girl who happens to be a comic book fan. I'm currently a college student. I have a blog called The Adventures of Comic Book Girl where I often gush about Steph. (And when I say often, I mean often. Check how huge her tag is!) I also help co- maintain When Fangirls Attack with Maddy. I can be seen hanging around scans_daily a lot.

I am a feminist and a writer. I was the one who asked if Spoiler would have a mini at the 2008 Heroes Con. I asked if Steph and Cassandra would interact in the Batgirl series much at the Con in 2009. I spend way too much time reading comics and then subsequently writing about them. I own almost every comic with Steph in it ever.

I got into comics through the Teen Titans cartoon, and discovered Steph through the controversy on the Internet about her death (this was 2005-ish). I already had a weakness for Robin related things, so one of the first comics I bought was Robin # 102, specifically because a. Robin and b. Steph were on the cover, and I was interested in what the fuss was about. Little did I know I'd absolutely fall in love with her as a character. It happened slowly, though I thought she was cool from the beginning, especially admiring her gutsiness and practical costume. But the more I read about Steph, the more I liked her, until it got absolutely crazy.

It raises an interesting question...if Steph had not died (and so awfully) would I have discovered her? Would I have liked her as much if I hadn't know her fate while reading? It's a paradox, but it doesn't really matter. I like to think I would have found Steph and liked her just as much if she had continued on. And she's back now anyway!

One day, I realized I had an almost encyclopedic knowledge of Spoiler and tons of scans sitting around that I'd scanned for scans_daily. Inspired by the Cass Cain Mainframe (Also a huge Cass fan and a former contributor to Casstoons, sort of) I decided to start a wiki. I got a bit mixed up so originally the wiki was in a very low grade site, but I moved it.

Since then, many people have found this wiki. It's even linked on Steph's main Wikipedia page! I'm immensely proud of this site, and thanks to the few who've contributed. I'd also like to give a shoutout to Stephsvoice, who does some wonderful Steph Youtube videos you can see in Fandom, as a contributor. Also LevraiMrX, who has provided us with wonderful info and scans.