Stephanie Brown is a character created by Chuck Dixon and Tom Lyle for DC Comics. Her first appearance was in Detective Comics # 647. She functioned as a superhero in Gotham going by the name Spoiler, armed only with her wits and martial arts skills. She was a major character in the Robin title for years, but also appears in many other titles, all listed in the Appearances section of this wiki. She has a few one shots starring her as well. She is a member of the Bat Family, an ally of the late Young Justice as well as the current Teen Titans, and was once a member of the Birds of Prey.

Her biggest claim to fame is being the first female Robin. After serving for a short time, she was fired and then killed rather graphically. Fans protested mightily to this, particularly those disgusted by the poor treatment of female characters in comics. Also protested was her lack of memorial case. Girl Wonder, a website for feminist superhero comic fans, was started in Steph's honor, and instrumental in making the fans' voices heard. The outcry was large enough to prompt her return, bought about by her creator, Chuck Dixon, who returned to the Robin title for a brief while, revealing Stephanie was never dead, but merely had been hiding out in Africa, recovering from her injuries, in Robin # 174.

Stephanie returned to duty as Spoiler for a time, but she was recently offered the mantle of Batgirl by her best friend Cassandra Cain. Though she's conflicted about her role as a hero, she's determined to learn from her mistakes and now brings justice in Gotham as the third Batgirl, whether people approve or not!

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