Consumer warning: This contains character assassination and bad writing of Stephanie as well as others. It also contains sexualized torture of Stephanie, shooting of Stephanie, and finally Stephanie's death. If you have any affection for her, I'd advise not picking this up.

Ed Brubaker
Andersen Gabrych
Devin Grayson
Dylan Horrocks
A J Lieberman
Bill Willingham

Alejandro "Al" Barrionuevo
Thomas Derenick
Paul Gulacy
Mike Huddleston
Sean Phillips
Brad Walker
Pete Woods

Robert Campanella
Adam DeKraker
Jesse Delperdang
Troy Nixey
Jimmy Palmiotti
Sean Phillips
Francis Portella
Rodney Ramos
Cam Smith
Aaron Sowd

Brad Anderson
Tony Aviña
Laurie Kronenberg
Guy Major
Javier Rodriguez
Gregory Wright
Jason Wright

Pat Brosseau
Jared K. Fletcher
Rob Leigh
Ken Lopez
Clem Robins

Nachie Castro
Robert Greenberger
Matt Idelson
Bob Schreck
Michael Wright

Cover Artist(s):
James Jean

Cover Date: 2005
Cover Price: US $14.99

Collects: Batgirl (2000) # 57,&nbsp Batman (1940) # 633, Batman: Gotham Knights (2000) # 58, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight (1989) # 184, Catwoman (2002) # 36, Detective Comics (1937) # 799, Nightwing (1996) # 98, and&nbsp Robin (1993) # 131.

Stephanie appears in: Batman # 633, Catwoman # 36 and Robin # 131.