Violet's first appearance was in Robin #170. Tim was reminded of Stephanie by her purple costume, but the resemblances stopped there. Violet uses her martial arts skills to steal from the rich and give to herself. She does donate some funds to her local church however. Her motives are unknown, but she reacted angrily when Tim tried to judge her, and implied she has no choice for doing what she does. Even badly injured, all she could focus on was getting the cash from the bad guys.

A newly returned Stephanie Brown had been tracking Tim and Violet, and in Robin #173 she figured out that Tim and Violet were being led into a trap by The Penguin, and were going to be ambushed by Sin Fang. When Tim was losing a fight to Violet, Spoiler interrupted and kicked the girl in the face, quipping that she had no problem hitting a girl, and scolding Tim. "You're smarter than this." She referred to Violet as "Miss Attitude," and tried to convince both her and Tim to leave. Tim was so angered and shocked to see what he believed to be an imposter in a Spoiler costume, that their escape was delayed, and they were attacked by Sin Fang. Steph helped both Tim and Violet against the foe, though Violet got badly beaten, and the three of them escaped.