A reporter and former paramour of Bruce Wayne, Vicki Vale went to Wayne Manor to investigate the disappearance of Tim Drake only to run into Tam Fox. Vicki found herself being targeted by an assassin of Ra's Al Ghul.

The whole time, Vicki interrogated Tam about where Tim had been with her. Tam blurted out the first cover story she thought of: She and Tim were engaged.

Just then, an assassin grabbed Vicki and put a knife to her throat. Steph appeared and saved Vicki by knocking out the thug with a batarang. She asked the two women if they were okay and then directed her next question at Tam, "Did I hear you correctly, miss?" All this in Red Robin (11).

In Bruce Wayne-The Road Home: Batgirl Vicki catches up with Barbara and insists that she knows everything about the Bats, and particularly that she knows Barbara is a former Batgirl and that Dick Grayson a former Robin. Babs of course denies everything, insisting that the Wayne’s are just family friends. Vicki leaves and Barbara uses a device to see all the information that Vicki does really know.

In Bruce Wayne-The Road Home: Oracle Vicki is being tracked and hunted by the Seven Men of Death, Oracle contacts an "Insider" (who is really Bruce Wayne, returned from the dead.) but he is already with Vicki, trying to keep her safe.

Later, Vicki is seen telephoning Alfred with panic. She cries for help but her phone call is cut short by the White Ghost, one of Ra's Al Ghul's assasians and she flees the scene.

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