"Batgirls! Batgirls!"
Tt 45 001
Tiny Titans #45
October 19, 2011
Written by Art Baltazar, Franco
Cover by Art Baltazar
Interior Art by Art Baltazar
Edited by Kristy Quinn
Previous Issue Tiny Titans #33
You are invited to a special Batgirl issue featuring Cassandra, Stephanie, Flamebird and, of course, Barbara. Find out what happens to The Batcave when the girls take over! Bonus: Coach Lobo's Secret Soccer team versus...The Birds of Prey?! GO-O-O-A-A-AL!

Summary of Stephness:

Other Formats/Collected In:
Tiny Titans: Aw Yeah Titans! (Vol. 8) TPB

Tt 45 002
Tt 45 004
Tt 45 005
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