"The All Robin Issue!"
Tiny Titans #33
October 20, 2010
Written by Art Baltazar, Franco Aureliani
Cover by Art Baltazar
Interior Art by Art Baltazar
Edited by Kristy Quinn, Chynna Clugston Flores
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The all-Robin issue! What does The Boy Wonder do when there's more than one Robin walking around? Time to bring out the Nightwing costume, of course! Maybe a name change will be less confusing this time? Guest-starring Tim and Jason Toddler, Alfred, Ace and the Robin Robin!

Summary of Stephness: In "Sidekicks of Sidekicks, Babs and Dick take Jason and Tim to Aunt Harriet's Daycare Center, where they meet Stephanie, Carrie, and Cassandra. Tim and Jason have brought Robin uniforms for everyone!

In "Misson Probably, Batgirl asks Robin to pick up Tim and Jason. Alfred drives the Batmobile to the daycare center, and all the kids jump in. All the Robins, including Steph, are very enthusiastic about the Batcave, running off to play.

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Tiny Titans: The Treehouse and Beyond! (Vol. 6) TPB

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