"Spinning the Future, Part 3"
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The Web #3
November 25, 2009
Written by Angela Robinson
Cover by Stanley "Artgerm" Lau
Pencilled by Roger Robinson
Inked by Hilary Barta, Walden Wong
Colored by Guy Major
Lettering by Travis Lanham
Edited by Rachel Gluckstern

Steph: "I've been tailing you for days. Your security has weaknesses in sectors 4, 5 and 8. Just so you know."

The all-new Batgirl drops by to have a talk with the Web as he recklessly continues to rewrite the rules of super-heroics! And she’s not shy about introducing herself!

Summary of Stephness: Batgirl punches the Web in his lair (continuing from the final page of The Web #2). She informs him she's been tailing him for a while, and lets him know Oracle wants to talk to him. Oracle threatens him with a computer virus, and warns him to cease and desist carelessly distributing his super suits, telling him it's wreaking havoc on communities globally, even edging towards a national incident, according to the Justice League. Batgirl tells him that he and his contractors are worse than criminals and tells him to shut it down.

The Web dismisses her concerns, saying that the Justice League is jealous and threatened. Batgirl asks Oracle if she can hit him again. The Web tells Oracle he's willing to make a deal. In exchange for software that will help him find his nemesis Dr. Archer, he agrees to bring the Web Hosts under an organizational umbrella and coordinate with the Justice League. Batgirl protests, asking Oracle why she's going to "roll over for this blowhard," and Oracle explains that they'll keep an eye on the Web through spyware, since they don't have time to fight all of the Web Hosts. Stephanie is not on board with the plan, but loyally executes Babs's directives.

Oracle tells the Web that Batgirl will come over and help him install the software once he gets the organization under control. Steph gives him her number. The Web hits on her, asking her to breakfast. Stephanie storms off, yelling in disgust that he's old enough to be her father. The Web finds the sight of her storming off priceless.

After the Web gets his Hosts on board with the new expectations, Oracle sends Batgirl to help install the software. She shows him the social network "Interwebs" he can use to talk to the Hosts, and a public twitter-clone component to publicize his message. She brushes off his corporate mindset with a casual, "Whatever," and tries to get him to be more supportive when he calls the Hosts who try to engage with him through the social network "losers." The Web is focused on finding Dr. Archer, so Batgirl tells him to use crowdsourcing (clunkily providing a definition for 2009's audience), and to the Web's surprise, the fiend is easily spotted by the software's large network of eyes and ears. Batgirl asks him, "What are you waiting for?" and he flies off in a ray of green light.

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