When the New 52 was launched, many fans were curious about how their favorite newer characters, such as Cassandra Cain, Lady Blackhawk, Misfit, and especially Stephanie Brown would fit into the new continuity. Despite official assurances that "all the stories you loved happened," clear contradictions soon emerged.  When months turned into years and these characters still didn't emerge despite public comment from creators such as Gail Simone and Bryan Q. Miller that they had pitched and continued to pitch series ideas for these characters, fans hypothesized that several characters, including Cass Cain and Steph Brown, were "on the bench."

Some creators, noteably Scott Snyder, have claimed that there is no bench, but the writers were trying to figure out the best way to introduce these characters. While his championing of Steph as a major part of Batman Eternal indicates that in his perspective this may be the case, the continued absence, and indeed outright denial of use for several characters seems to indicate that editorial has a different policy.