"Red Robin Remembrance"
TT24 cover
Teen Titans #24
September 14, 2016
Written by Tony Bedard
Cover by Mike McKone and Rod Reis
Pencilled by Ian Churchill
Inked by Norm Rapmund
Colored by Tony Avina
Lettering by Corey Breen
Edited by Brittany Holzherr, Alex Antone and Marie Javins
Previous Issue Detective Comics #940
Next Issue Batman #7

Wonder Girl: "...he was dating that Spoiler girl. God, if I'm hurting right now, I can't image what she's feeling..."

In this climactic issue, the team is forced to make a decision: continue fighting crime as the Teen Titans…or go their separate ways.

Summary of Stephness: Steph is mentioned as dating Tim, and him being faithful to her, by a former flame, Wonder Girl.

Other Formats/Collected In:
Digital Comic Book
Teen Titans: When Titans Fall (Vol. 4) TPB

Teen Titans (2014-) 024-018