Tam Fox is the daughter of Lucius Fox and friend of Tim Drake. She accidentally discovered Tim's secret identity while tracking him down for her father, and since then has been targeted by Ra's Al Ghul's League of Assassins for her association with Tim.

She had to run from one such assassin in the company of Vicki Vale. The whole time, Vicki interrogated her about where Tim had been with Tam. Tam blurted out the first cover story she thought of: She and Tim were engaged.

Just then, an assassin grabbed Vicki and put a knife to her throat. Steph appeared and saved Vicki by knocking out the thug with a batarang. She asked the two women if they were okay and then directed her next question at Tam, "Did I hear you correctly, miss?"

Despite this awkward moment, Stephanie was seen shielding Tam and Vicki protectively as Ra's planned to target the three women.

All this in Red Robin (11).