"Good-Looking Corpse, Part 4"
Supergirl 63 Cover
Supergirl #63
April 20, 2011
Written by James Peaty
Cover by Richard Friend, Guy Major, Amy Reeder Hadley
Pencilled by Bernard Chang
Inked by Bernard Chang
Colored by Kevin Senft
Lettering by Travis Lanham
Edited by Matt Idelson, Wil Moss
Previous Issue Supergirl #60

Things are looking grim for Supergirl and friends as a treacherous new foe proves to be more powerful than they could have imagined! And if they're going to win, Kara will have to come to terms with what it truly means to wear the 'S' shield.

Summary of Stephness: Batgirl is seen dead along with other members of the Bat Family in Damian Wayne's deepest, darkest fears with his mom, Talia al Ghul, over his shoulder.

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Digital Comic Book

  • Supergirl 63 page 10 TN
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