"Second Chance"
Solo -10 pg00
Solo #10: Damion Scott
April 26, 2006
Written by Damion Scott, Randee Carcano
Cover by Damion Scott
Pencilled by Damion Scott
Inked by Brian Stelfreeze
Colored by Brian Stelfreeze
Lettering by Nick J. Napolitano
Edited by Mark Chiarello, Tom Palmer, Jr.
Previous Issue Batgirl #53
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Fan favorite artist Damion Scott (BATGIRL, ROBIN) kicks into DC's cutting-edge series SOLO! This issue features five stories drawn and co-written by Damion, including a race between The Flash and Mr. Death, a day in the life of Superman, and a night on patrol in Gotham City with Robin and Batgirl!

Summary of Stephness: One night during Steph's tenure as Robin (see Robin #126), she finds herself under fire from a very skilled shooter. She frets that she's running away from the bullets, something Batgirl wouldn't do. When she attempts to hide in the stairs, but finds the door is locked, she calls for help, and the shooter answers, revealing her name: Calamity.

As Calamity reopens fire at Steph, Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) appears and saves Robin. Stephanie returns to the fight and laments inwardly that she wishes she didn't always have to be saved. Calamity throws a stick of dynamite, which temporarily blinds Cass. She points a gun at Cass's head and says getting to Cass is the reason for the whole ordeal. She orders Robin to go home and let the big girls discuss things.

Robin tries to find a solution, considering what Batgirl would do in her place. She recalls that one should not think but act. Robin runs at Calamity, counting the number of bullets remaining in her single gun. Once the bullets run out, Stephanie triumphantly punches her foe in the face. Calamity escapes with another stick of dynamite, leaving Stephanie alone with Batgirl. Cass tells Steph she did well, and to next time concentrate on saving herself as much as she did on saving Cass. Stephanie considers the suggestion happily.

At the end, Batgirl speaks with Calamity. It turns out that Calamity is a fellow ex-assassin trained by David Cain, and a friend of Cass's. They were testing Stephanie and training her for being Robin. Cass adamantly says that such training will save Steph's life.

Behind the Scenes: This story is possibly out of continuity as part of the Solo series, showcasing individual creators. It was published two years after War Games concluded. Based on the interaction between Steph and Cass, it's likely slotted into the timeline just after Steph and Cass's first team up in Batgirl #53.

In 2015, War Games: Book One was released, collecting War Drums and most of Act One of the crossover. It also included this Steph as Robin story with Cassandra, slotted in right after Batgirl #53. This inclusion might indicate that it's actually considered somewhat canonical in the Post-Crisis universe.

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