"Uneven Parallels"
Showcase 95 5 cover
Showcase '95 #5
April 18, 1995
Written by Keri Kowalski
Cover by Humberto Ramos, Stan Woch, Olyoptics
Pencilled by Yancey Labat
Inked by Christian Alamy
Colored by Mike Cavallaro
Lettering by Albert De Guzman
Edited by Jordan Gorfinkel
Previous Issue Robin #16
Next Issue Robin #25

Stephanie Brown (thinking to herself): "How could anyone lead such a double life?"

Uneven Parallels starring Spoiler: Spoiler exposes her gym teacher as a drug dealer.

Summary of Stephness: After Steph performs at the Gotham High gymnastics meet, her mother confronts her about her suspicions on the coach. Stephanie’s mother insinuates that Coach Lewis is into drug dealing. Over the next couple of days, Stephanie sees other signs that corroborate her mother’s concern. Stephanie suits up as the Spoiler to investigate. She discovers the coach’s stash, and he tries to stop her. Steph makes short work of the coach, and afterwards bonds with her mother over pizza.

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