"Joker: Last Laugh, Book of the Dead"
Robin 95 cover
Robin #95
October 31, 2001
Written by Chuck Dixon
Cover by Matt Hollingsworth, Bill Sienkiewicz
Pencilled by Jeff Parker
Inked by Jeff Parker
Colored by Noelle C. Giddings, Digital Chameleon
Lettering by Kurt Hathaway
Edited by Matt Idelson, Michael Wright
Previous Issue Wonder Woman #175
Next Issue Joker: Last Laugh #6

Batman: "You have to be strong and deal with this, Stephanie. The course you've chosen is a deadly one."

The horrific events of LAST LAUGH #5 tie-in as Robin defies orders and heads into Arkham Asylum to try and prevent the Joker from adding to his legion of villains. But the villains know he's coming, and the odds are overwhelming. No problem, right? Uh, right? Is this thing on?

This issue happens during the Joker Last Laugh crossover which begins with the Joker making fun of the Bat before opening a book on 100 ways to kill Batman.

Meanwhile, Batman, Huntress, and Spoiler are in the sewers looking for Robin but instead they find the skeletal remains of Robin. Spoiler freaks out, going, "Oh god!" and shouting someone had to tell Tim's family. Batman grabs her and tells her she has to be strong and get through this. Steph calms down and Zsasz appears from nowhere and threatens to kills the vigilante, but the three knock him out before he can finish his sentence. Batman asks Steph if this makes her feel better, and she replies, "No."

Joker is in the church, preparing a new plan of attack against the world with all the villains of the DC universe that are Jokerized.

In Gotham City, the police are around the cathedral but are prevented from getting in by a force field. Batman deduces that the members of the Bat family will be allowed in, and Steph points out if he's wrong, they'll splat against the field. Then she says, "Oh well," and follows him along with Huntress.

At the Clock Tower, Oracle is in tears after hearing confirmation that Robin had gone, but a bedraggled Tim arrives alive and well. Robin explains how he escaped Croc, and then leaves with Blue Beetle to stop Nightwing from killing the Joker.

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