"A Question of Timing"
Robin #94
September 19, 2001
Written by Chuck Dixon
Cover by Pete Woods, Andrew Pepoy
Pencilled by Pete Woods
Inked by Andrew Pepoy
Colored by Noelle Giddings
Lettering by Willie Schubert
Edited by Miachal Wright, Matt Idelson
Previous Issue Batgirl #20
Next Issue Batman: Gotham Knights #22

Steph: "Mom's scared. She's scared for me and scared for herself. I'm going to have to be the brave one here."

A lead-in to next month's big event! Spoiler's up to her eyeballs in villains, and they're living in her house, no less! Meanwhile, Tim makes a very disturbing discovery as the truth about his roommate Wesley is revealed. Unfortunately, Wesley makes a discovery about Tim, and it involves a certain Boy Wonder costume.

Summary of Stephness: Stephanie identifies the villains who are in her house to Batman in the Batcave: The Riddler and his assistants, Query and Echo, as well as her father, The Cluemaster. Batman asks Steph to watch them. Steph's Mom is at the end of her rope, throwing groceries and screaming at the lazy criminals. Steph watches her tell them off in enjoyment.

At the university of Brentwood, Tim empties Wesley's alcohol "mouthwash" bottles, and Wesley flies into a rage and tries to hit him, but Tim avoids it, tells Wesley he can't deal with a room mate who's a mean drunk, and leaves, making Wesley even angrier. Tim sees his friend Buzz and they talk about Buzz's anger problems.

During this time, Stephanie is shopping with her mother, something they don't do often. Steph is happy. Crystal asks if it's "uncool" for her to be seen with her Mom, and Steph admits she doesn't keep track of what's cool anymore. Steph tries to convince her mother she can get superhero friends to get Arthur and co to leave the house, but Crystal objects and gets angry that Stephanie hangs with such people and risks her life. She tells Steph the criminals will eventually go away, and Steph is skeptical in response.

Coming back to his room, Tim finds Wesley drunk off his ass and dressed in Tim's Robin costume, which he found in the closet after trashing the room!

That evening, Stephanie dresses as Spoiler and follows his father to a remote warehouse, using only her bicycle to tail a car. she climbs on the roof of the warehouse and tries to see what the criminals are plotting, but her father arrives and shoves her off the roof. He grabs her by the cape and pulls her back though, threatening to kill her and her mother if she noses around anymore. Stephanie leaves the warehouse dejected, not sure what to do now that her mother's safety is threatened.

Tim gets rid of invading friends and drags Wesley in the closet, undressing him. The following morning, Wesley wakes up to in front of Tim and Alfred Pennyworth and remembers nothing about the experience. He promises to sober up. Meanwhile, the Joker is plotting!

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