"Close to Home"
Robin 93 cover
Robin #93
August 22, 2001
Written by Chuck Dixon
Cover by Andrew Pepoy, Chris Sotomayor, Pete Woods
Pencilled by Pete Woods
Inked by Andrew Pepoy
Colored by Noelle C. Giddings, Allen Jamison
Lettering by Willie Schubert
Edited by Matt Idelson, Michael Wright
Previous Issue Robin #92
Next Issue Batgirl #20

Arthur Brown: "Man, somebody taught you how to hit."

A deadly face from Spoiler's past returns to haunt her while Robin makes a horrendous discovery about two of his classmates, one of whom is his closest friend. The truth about Brentwood Academy comes to light; a familiar face or three crawl out of the woodwork with repercussions that will last into next year; and there's a giant gunfight in a hotel, no less!

Summary of Stephness: Stephanie's reaction to her father's sudden appearance in her room is naturally to begin beating on him. But her mother appears, yelling at Steph for being in costume and revealing that Arthur has been released due to jail overcrowding. He still owns the house and she can't afford a lawyer to kick him out, so the two women are stuck with the deadbeat dad. Stephanie is outraged, and even more so when her mother orders her to take off her costume and stop being Spoiler.

At the university, Tim wakes up with bad breath and decides to use his roommates mouthwash, only to discover it's actually alcohol. Now he knows that his room mate is actually a mean drunk.

That evening, Steph follows her father to Sphinx Apartments. Steph sees her dad leave in a taxi, and snoops in his room, finding world puzzles and wondering if her Dad is going back to the Cluemaster gig. She's interrupted by Query and Echo (who unbeknownst to her are the Riddler's gal pals). They try to shoot the intruder, believing her to be Batgirl (prophetic!) and Stephanie is flattered by the assumption, but that doesn't stop her from dazzling them with some flash and bang rounds and escaping out the window.

While getting ready for a Parents Day at Brentwood, a ladder bound Tim drops a box on his friend Buzz's head. Tim chuckles, which causes Buzz to become enraged and shake the ladder. Tim lands on his feet, but Buzz gets in trouble when he slugs the headmaster. Tim also attempts to follow his room mate to see where he's getting his booze, but by the time he escapes from the kerfuffle about Buzz, Wesley is nowhere to be seen.

Steph takes Batman to the hideout she was attacked in, only to find the "biker babes" have moved out. Batman orders her to keep an eye on her father. When Steph arrives home, she indeed finds that her dad has the biker babes over as company. As well as Edward Nigma...The Riddler!

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