"Secrets & Lies"
Robin 88 cover
Robin #88
March 21, 2001
Written by Scott Beatty, Chuck Dixon
Cover by Chris Sotomayor, Pete Woods
Pencilled by Pete Woods
Inked by Andrew Pepoy
Colored by Noelle C. Giddings, Allen Jamison
Lettering by Willie Schubert
Edited by Frank Berrios, Matt Idelson
Previous Issue Robin #87
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Spoiler: "Stephanie Brown...uh...Spoiler. How did you do that? I mean, that's amazing! Any advice for me?"
Batgirl: "Become faster."

Following the traumatic events of last issue, Robin finds himself angry, betrayed, and with no one but Alfred to turn to. So when Robin's academy buddy Danny Temple proposes a little road trip, it seems like the perfect chance to get away from those super-hero blues. But Danny is harboring a terrible secret, and a violent, spectacular attack on the shore of North Carolina will begin to shed light on the surprising truth!

Summary of Stephness: Robin beats up the gang of drug dealers responsible for Tommy Meyers' tragic death. He's still very hurt and muddled over how Batman revealed his secret to Stephanie. Meanwhile, Batman trains Stephanie, and she quickly learns how strict a teacher he is. Batman asks Batgirl to demonstrate a particularly difficult obstacle course for Stephanie, and she performs the feat in record time. Awed, Stephanie introduces herself and holds out a hand for Batgirl to shake, asking if Batgirl has any advice. Batgirl doesn't take her hand, and merely replies, "Become faster."

Steph asks Batman if she'll ever be that good, and Batman replies that Batgirl is a phenomenon, but that Stephanie could be as good, or better than Tim. This reminds Stephanie of her fight with Tim, which upsets her. She says what Batman did stinks and that Tim feels like he's being fired. Batman says that this isn't how he wanted it to play, but that someone else should probably explain that to Tim.

Back at the Brentwood, Alfred advises Tim to go on a trip with Danny. The next day, Tim and Danny are on their way to Virginia while at the same time, in a mountain in the Himalayas, a couple preparing something in the greatest secrecy and talking about someone who betrayed them, who they seek to "recover" or eliminate.

Spoiler hops into Tim's room to talk to him, only to find Alfred. Alfred is cold to her and tells her Tim is out of the region. Steph gets the idea he doesn't like her, and Alfred responds he has no opinion either way, to which Steph snorts, "I just bet you don't."

Steph is upset that on top of everything she's getting "attitude from the butler." At this, Alfred gets so angry he breaks a pencil. He tells Steph that he doesn't agree with all of Batman's decisions. He's loyal to Tim and she's hurt him, and that he "has never been a Butler." He bids her good day and she runs from the place humiliated.

The next day, Tim and Danny are jet skiing when they are hit by a missile. Tim goes underwater to save Danny and sees a giant robot with a logo of a snake has caught the young man.

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