Robin 84 cover
Robin #84
November 18, 2000
Written by Chuck Dixon
Cover by Jesse Delperdang, Chris Sotomayor, Pete Woods
Pencilled by Pete Woods
Inked by Jesse Delperdang
Colored by Noelle C. Giddings, Allen Jamison
Lettering by Willie Schubert
Edited by Frank Berrios, Matt Idelson
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Crystal Brown: "Robin? You mean the boy you're seeing is BATMAN'S Robin? But that can't be. The one who helped arrest your father would have to be in his twenties now and-"
Steph: "That Robin's all grown up now! My boyfriend's the, third Robin! But he's not my boyfriend anymore 'cause he only cares about is that other girl!"
Crystal Brown: "Other girl?"
Steph: "Oh, forget it! You'd never understand!"
Crystal Brown: "well, you're right about that, Steph."

Robin plumbs the mystery of that which lurks below the dark waters of Gotham! But a fast and unplanned trip below the rippling waves leaves Robin in a very vulnerable position against the monster in question. Meanwhile, on higher ground, Spoiler has an unusual heart-to-heart with mom.

Summary of Stephness: At Gotham, Stephanie's mother scolds her daughter for daring to enter the hospital, and go undercover as a nurse. Stephanie tells her that she was trying to find her boyfriend, and Mrs. Brown is confused. Devastated, Stephanie reveals her boyfriend is Robin, but the third one, and runs away crying saying her Mom doesn't understand. Mrs. Brown can't help but agree.

Steph hangs out that evening and, as Spoiler, is about to go get some coffee, when Batman appears, wanting to talk. Not wanting another lecture, Stephanie takes off. She thinks she has as much a right to anyone to be a vigilante, and is also a little scared of the caped Crusader. Batman cuts her off and she yells, "yeah, yeah, MY city and none of YOUR business and bla bla bla!" But Batman says it's not that and that he actually needs her help. Stephanie thinks, "Now I'm REALLY scared."

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