"The Worst is Yet to Come!"
Robin 74 cover
Robin #74
January 19, 2000
Written by Chuck Dixon
Cover by Jesse Delperdang, Pete Woods
Pencilled by Pete Woods
Inked by Jesse Delperdang
Colored by Noelle C. Giddings, Allen Jamison
Lettering by Willie Schubert
Edited by Frank Berrios, Matt Idelson
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Batman and Nightwing guest-star as the adventures of Batman's teen sidekick take a surprising new direction! New artists Pete Woods (Deadpool) and Jesse Delperdang (Captain America) make their Boy Wonder debut as Tim Drake leaves the former "No Man's Land" behind and heads into his most perilous situation yet: boarding school! What's worse, it's an all-boys boarding school! With curfews, bed-checks and no Redbird to drive around in, how the heck will Robin get his job done now?

Summary of Stephness: Tim is watching a convenience store, knowing that robbery is likely to go down soon when Spoiler comes to see him. Tim exclaims that he thought her mom made her stop crime fighting, and Steph replies, "she thought she did!" Steph admits she's wondering if they're relationship is still going well since she hasn't seen him in a while, and Tim interrupts her with a kiss. However, his attention is promptly diverted by an alarm going off and he accidentally pushes Stephanie away in his haste to get to the crime scene, prompting her to exclaim in pain.

The two heroes take care of the robbery. Robin stops the robber, and Stephanie punches out his accomplice in the car. After that, Tim tells her he has to go, and she says that she does too, and asks if they're okay. Tim replies that their great. As he swings off, he's relieved that at least his relationship with Steph is going well, even if it is weird, and he never thought he'd be dating as Robin.

Tim is surprised to meet Batman at his house. Batman reassures him that he's all right with Robin going to Brentwood, despite the difficulties it will present for crime fighting. He even announces that he will send him something to make Brentwood easier.

Once in Brentwood, Tim looks around and meets his room mate, who is Ali Bin Khadir. Ali mentions Tim's servant, and Tim wonders what Ali is talking about, and then is very pleased to discover that Bruce has sent Alfred Pennyworth to help Tim out at Brentwood!

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