"No Man's Land: The Lizard King"
Robin 71 cover
Robin #71
October 27, 1999
Written by Chuck Dixon
Cover by Rick Burchett, Patrick Martin
Pencilled by Staz Johnson
Inked by Wayne Faucher
Colored by Adrienne Roy
Lettering by Tim Harkins
Edited by Frank Berrios, Matt Idelson
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Robin faces Killer Croc in "No Man's Land!" He was down, but you can never count Croc out, and now he's making a move to set himself up as the big cheese in No Man's Land, and Robin's going to to try and stop him. (Good luck, kid.) Meanwhile, the Penguin draws Gordon and the gang into the Croc mess while Robin catches up on news from the outside world, setting the stage for the final showdown between Tim and his dad.

Summary of Stephness: The action takes place during No Man's Land. Killer Croc is taking power by force and appropriating territory. Meanwhile, Tim Drake is in a safe house run by Alfred Pennyworth in Gotham City. After making his report to Bruce Wayne and Oracle about the situation in Gotham, Tim receives an email from Stephanie. Steph tells him that her mother has found her Spoiler costume and she had to tell her everything. She reassures Tim that she didn't say anything about him or his friends, but that it doesn't look like they can go on anymore dates. This bums Tim out, and Alfred remarks, "Ah, young love."

Stephanie's mom leaves for the hospital after Stephanie assures her she was only emailing. Stephanie tells her Mom not to work too hard, and her mother tells Steph to try to get some sleep. Steph says, "Sure. What else am I gonna do?" But she opens her drawer to reveal her diary and a batarang instead.

Jack Drake has still not heard from his son, but hesitates to use the media to find Tim. Robin finds out about Killer Croc's power plays. But he is identified and is captured by Killer Croc's men. As Killer Croc prepares to move in on the territory of The Penguin, the police show up to stop him. The police are preparing to shoot Killer Croc and his gang but Croc stops them by revealing he has Robin tied to the hood of his car.

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