"No Man's Land: War Beneath the Streets!, Part Two: Wolflings"
Robin 69 cover
Robin #69
August 25, 1999
Written by Chuck Dixon
Cover by Jason Trent Pearson
Pencilled by Staz Johnson
Inked by Wayne Faucher
Colored by Adrienne Roy
Lettering by Tim Harkins
Edited by Joseph Phillip Illidge, Denny O'Neil
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Next Issue Robin #71

Robin's mission in "No Man's Land" introduces him to some surprising new heroes! In the course of trying to find Gotham's food reserves and protect them from looters, Robin crosses paths with the Wolflings, a group of teen warriors that survived the city's fall. But Tim's in for a shock when he learns the identity of their leader!

Summary of Stephness: During No Man's Land, Stephanie's mother discovers her Spoiler costume while cleaning out her bedroom. Stephanie's mom freaks out completely, thinking the costume means her daughter has become a criminal like The Cluemaster. This remark causes Steph to explode with laughter, and her Mom is offended. But Stephanie leads her mother into the kitchen, and explains how she became Spoiler to stop her dad's crimes because she wanted to protect their family and was tired of her Dad hurting them. She refuses to tell her Mom who helped her, as she can't betray their trust and doesn't know that much about them anyway. Steph's mom is amused at the thought of Arthur being busted by his daughter, and Stephanie asks if she's cool with this now. Stephanie's mom says yes, as long as she promises never to do it again. Stephanie protests, but her mom holds firm, exclaiming that jumping around rooftops could get her killed.

Meanwhile, Robin is fighting against Ratcatcher and his army of rats. He manages to escape from the lair of the Ratcatcher through the sewers, but one of the rats tracks him.

Further along, two criminals are tramping across the destroyed subway lines. Robin collapses on the dock. He is rescued by a tribe of young people who have become a sort of "tribe" underground in the destruction of the city. Tim recognizes the tribe leader as his classmate Corey Windmore and realizes the tribe is set up like the RPG's Corey so loves. The tribe is determined to help Robin recuperate even though he wants to go back to stop the Ratcatcher.

Meanwhile, the two criminals have arrived in a wet tunnel and where the air is cold and ice blocks are appearing in the water. Mister Freeze appears and freezes them both.

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