"A Blessed Event"
Robin #65
April 28, 1999
Written by Chuck Dixon
Cover by Jason Pearson
Pencilled by Will Rosado
Inked by Stan Woch
Colored by Adrienne Roy
Lettering by John Costanza
Edited by Joseph Illidge, Dennis O'Neil
Previous Issue Robin #64
Next Issue The Batman Chronicles #22
Tim: "Do you even want to see the baby?"

Steph: "No. It's better this way."

The Spoiler gives birth, but what will happen to her child? Plus, Robin returns to Gotham Heights to see the destroyed, closed-off Gotham City in this special issue.

Summary of Stephness: Tim Drake is posing as a nurse in order to help Steph give birth to her baby. He tells her everything will be okay.

While drugged and in labor, Stephanie dreams she is with her baby at home. But her father, The Cluemaster, arrives and forcibly takes his grandchild away to teach him or her a life of crimet. Stephanie's allies, including Robin, Nightwing, Batman, Huntress, and Connor Hawke arrive to fight the Cluemaster for the baby, yelling at him that he'd be a bad role model. Steph comes out as Spoiler to rescue her kid and the Cluemaster throws the baby into the air. Stephanie turns desperately to catch it.

The nightmare ends and Steph wakes up to find Robin is with her in her hospital room. She had the baby, and Tim starts to tell her the gender, but Stephanie cuts him off, saying she doesn't want to know. Tim asks if this means she's putting it up for adoption, and Steph replies in assent, starting to cry when she tells him it's better this way.

Steph's Mom comes in, so Robin leaves quickly.

Robin hears his mobile phone ring and it is his very angry father calling and asking him where he is. Tim says he is in Gotham City and he will be there at the airport when Jack Drake and Dana arrive. Robin returns home to Drake's almost destroyed empty mansion and will spend the night.

Meanwhile, two men take one of their colleagues to the hospital and threaten the occupants of the hospital with their weapons unless they treat the injured man. They are three men with red devil masks.

Behind the Scenes: The cover image of a baby in a tiny purple hooded onesie is a heartbreaking mirroring of Steph's outfit.

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