"Date Night"
Robin #57
July 22, 1998
Written by Chuck Dixon
Cover by Rick Burchett
Interior Art by Staz Johnson, Stan Woch
Colored by Adrienne Roy
Lettering by Tim Harkins
Edited by Jordan B. Gorfinkel, Denny O'Neil
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Tim: "It could be worse. At least Robin IS a name. How about..."I love you...Nightwing!""
Steph: "HA!"
Tim: "Green darling!"
Steph: *snort* "You made me snort, you creep!"

The Spoiler tells Robin the most shocking news he's ever heard, which dramatically changes the nature of their relationship. Meanwhile, Tim Drake's friends' curiosity brings them face-to-face with a savage killer determined to destroy them.

Summary of Stephness: Tim and Steph go on their first real date, and it is unbelievably cute. A week later, Steph hasn't shown up for another date, so Robin finds her at home, where she confesses that she's pregnant.

Behind the Scenes: The cover for this issue (and Robin #56) is provided by Rick Burchett, who much, much later would draw Steph as Robin in the delightful Batman: The Brave and the Bold "Calling all Robins" issue. The same sense of fun and youthfulness splashes across the cover of this issue.

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