"Last Gasps"
Robin 5 cover
Robin #5
March 31, 1994
Written by Chuck Dixon
Cover by Tom Grummett, Curtis King, Ray Kryssing, Bob LaRose
Pencilled by Tom Grummett
Inked by Ray Kryssing
Colored by Adrienne Roy
Lettering by Albert De Guzman
Edited by Jordon Gorfinkel, Dennis O'Neil
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Spoiler: "That was stupid, Steph. Reeeeeally stupid..You almost ended up as a statistic."

The Spoiler keeps tabs on the Electrocutioner and Czonk, while Robin braces for the inevitable as the air runs out in the armored car that he and the Cluemaster are trapped in!

Summary of Stephness: Stephanie is still unaware Robin and her father are trapped in the truck buried in concrete. Wondering where Robin is, she follows the Electrocutioner and Czonka back to their hotel. Staying in the next room to keep an eye on them, she wishes she bought a book, or that Robin was with her. She wonders if he has a girlfriend. She gets so bored she falls asleep, but wakes up when the police bust into the criminals' hotel room. Realizing if the two thugs are arrested, they won't be able to lead to where her father is as well, Steph swings in and takes down a couple policemen. Steph gets shot at in return, but gets away on her motorcycle.

Meanwhile, Robin and Cluemaster have nearly run out of air. But just as Tim passes out, Czonka and Electroctioner jack the truck open. Steph sneaks up behind the Electrocutioner and knocks him out with a fire extinguisher. Tim is so grateful for Steph's save that he grabs her and kisses her, much to her astonishment. Steph says she's going to keep being a vigilante. "If I can see you kissed me, and..." Tim begins to protest, but a blaring police car comes along to arrest Cluemaster and his pals and both of them jump away.

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