"The Quarry"
Robin 43 cover
Robin #43
June 30, 1997
Written by Chuck Dixon
Cover by Tasty Fried Color, Terry Austin, Bob K. LeRose, Mike Wieringo
Pencilled by Staz Johnson
Inked by Bob Smith
Colored by Adrienne Roy
Lettering by Tim Harkins
Edited by Jordan B Gorfinkel, Denny O'Neil
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The Spoiler is being lured into a deathtrap and Robin may not be in time to save her. Why? Because, as Tim Drake, he is on the verge of discovering his friend Ives' secret!

Summary Of Stephness: Robin is out in a pouring rain in search of one of his friends, Ives, but fails to follow him that evening. Returning home, he calls Stephanie.

Stephanie is at home while her mother is working a night shift at the hospital. She receives some letters, and finds them to be badly spelled notes to Spoiler, demanding she meet the sender. Surprised, she is interrupted by a call from Robin. She tries to tell him about the letters, but he interrupts her, telling her though he likes her a lot, they shouldn't see each other romantically anymore. Stephanie is angry that Robin is trying to give her the brush off over the phone, and demands they talk to each other personally before hanging up and putting her head in her hands.

The next day, Tim learns that his girlfriend Ari will be moved to another academy. In the evening, he stalks her a little and sees the family eating dinner. He discovers Ives's secret as well- his friend has gotten an embarrassing job as a play-park mascot.

After talking with Ives on his situation, he becomes Robin and goes to check on Steph, remembering she mentioned a letter. He goes to her room, but finds it empty. He discovers the letters addressed to Spoiler, which give clues to the senders location and threaten to hurt Steph's mom if Steph doesn't show.

Without further delay, he deciphers the clues and arrives on the scene, a site with buildings slated for destruction. He searches to find Stephanie and discovers her on the roof, tied up. He teases her a little before taking off her gag, which makes her warning of "BEHIND YOU STUPID!" too late, and the Baffler, who was behind it all, whacks Tim violently on the back of the head

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