"Nowhere Fast!"
Robin 40 cover
Robin #40
March 31, 1997
Written by Chuck Dixon
Cover by Tasty Fried Color, Terry Austin, Bob K. LeRose, Mike Wieringo
Pencilled by Staz Johnson
Inked by Bob Smith
Colored by Adrienne Roy
Lettering by Tim Harkins
Edited by Jordan B Gorfinkel, Denny O'Neil
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Stephanie (Writings from her Dairy): "Dear Diary. Robin is so cute. He doesn't pay any attention to Stephanie Brown. I can only get him to notice me if I'm the Spoiler"

Spoiler battles The Ghost Dragons again while Lynx tries to finish her off permanently; Robin and Ariana discuss problems with their relationship.

Summary of Stephness: Stephanie is going around town in her Spoiler costume and sees that there is disorder in the streets. Gang members are vandalizing a grocery store in hopes of getting protection payments from the owner. She decides to attack and succeeds in giving them a good beating. The store owner shoots a gun to disperse the hooligans. Stephanie continues to pursue them to a truck but as the thugs are numerous, they succeed in knocking Spoiler off the truck. But since she managed to chase the thugs off, she counts it as a win.

Throughout that night, Tim Drake is with his girlfriend, Ariana. He is surprised to see his girlfriend in lingerie. But Tim indicates they aren't ready for sex. Ariana confesses that she wanted to make love with Tim to forget a rape she had suffered in the past. Tim comforts her and convinces her it is not right, but the uncle and aunt of Ariana arrive and get the wrong idea, and Tim desperately tries to explain.

When the gang that Spoiler beat up returns to their hideout, their head is revealed to be Lynx.

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