"The Final Night: Iced!"
Robin 35 cover
Robin #35
October 31, 1996
Written by Chuck Dixon
Cover by Tasty Fried Color, Terry Austin, Bob K. LeRose, Mike Wieringo
Pencilled by Staz Johnson
Inked by Bob Smith
Colored by Adrienne Roy
Lettering by Tim Harkins
Edited by Jordan B Gorfinkel, Denny O'Neil
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Next Issue Robin #40

Spoiler: "So it was Okay to kiss me?"
Robin: "That wasn't a kiss and you know it."
Spoiler: "Convince me."

A 'Final Night' tie-in issue! Robin and the Spoiler battle hordes of criminals who terrorize a city that, like the entire world, has been darkened by the Final Night and inundated with severe snowstorms.

Summary of Stephness:

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