Robin 3 cover
Robin #3
January 31, 1994
Written by Chuck Dixon
Cover by Tom Grummett, Curtis King, Ray Kryssing, Bob LaRose
Pencilled by Tom Grummett
Inked by Ray Kryssing
Colored by Adrienne Roy
Lettering by Tim Harkins
Edited by Jordan B. Gorfinkel, Dennis O'Neil
Previous Issue Detective Comics #649
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Stephanie Brown: "And Daddy's busted out of the bighouse in time for Christmas. Happy Holidays."

Robin's two worlds continue to collide and his sudden disappearances and late-night adventures have Ariana wondering if he's seeing someone else. To complicate matters even more, Robin's search for Cluemaster inevitably leads him to the costumed vigilante Spoiler!

Summary of Stephness: The Cluemaster escapes from jail during a therapy session with the help of his criminal buddies Czonka and The Electrocutioner. The terrible trio head to a hotel, where a temperamental Electrocutioner...electrocutes things...when people complain about the noise. The three of them beat feet to another lodging, but their outburst reaches the evening news...and Steph, who is home for the holidays with her medicated mother. The Boy Wonder hears as well, and goes to the hotel where the incident happened, only to be interrupted by Spoiler. Thinking he's someone else, Steph beats him up and throws him on the bed, before she recognizes him as Robin, after which she expresses concern over whether she hurt him.


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