"Sophomore Lethal"
Robin 25 cover
Robin #25
January 31, 1996
Written by Chuck Dixon
Cover by Terry Austin, Bob K. LeRose, Mike Wieringo
Pencilled by Mike Wieringo
Inked by Stan Woch
Colored by Adrienne Roy
Lettering by Tim Harkins
Edited by Jordan B Gorfinkel, Denny O'Neil
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Robin: "You're going to be the Tooth Fairy a lot of business if you don't start talking."
Spoiler (whispering): "ooh. GOOD one."
Robin (whispering): "STEPH..."

Green Arrow guest-stars as Robin and Spoiler try to deal with an influx of guns in Tim Drake's school, Gotham Heights High, a problem that leads to the tragic death of a supporting character.

Summary of Stephness:

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