"Search for a Hero, Part 6: Lost & Found"
Robin 182 Cover
Robin #182
January 21, 2009
Written by Fabian Nicieza
Cover by Brian Stelfreeze
Pencilled by Freddie E. Williams II
Inked by Freddie E. Williams II
Colored by Guy Major
Lettering by Sal Cipriano
Edited by Mike Marts, Janelle Siegel
Previous Issue Teen Titans #66
Next Issue Robin #183

Steph: "Robin is dealing with Anarky, but it's up to us to stop the Dragons. Are we in this together?"

The stunning conclusion to 'Search for a Hero! In order to stop Anarky, do you impose order with an iron fist or embrace chaos? Or can Robin find a different way? After 'Batman R.I.P.,' Gotham City demands a better class of hero, and the new Robin is going to give them exactly what they deserve...

Summary of Stephness: While Robin fights General, disguised as Anarky, it's up to Stephanie to calm down the gangs and get them to help with the chaos. With the help of the Gotham cops, she succeeds, but the General has planted a bomb nearby. He tells Robin that the bomb will either blow up Steph or Officer Harper, and he must pick which damsel to save. Tim thinks of how Harper is there because she listened to him, and Steph is there because she didn't, but forces himself to choose not between the people, but the most likely location of the bomb. He guesses correctly in saving Harper.

After it all went down, Steph and Tim meet. Stephanie tearfully realizes Tim knows about her deception, and Tim angrily confirms he found security tapes of her hiring the Scarab. Steph explains that Batman ordered her to make him sweat, in order to make him a better Robin. Tim yells at her, telling her he knows she's been under a lot of pressure, and that he loves her, and that's why he can't have "Spoiler" screwing up anymore. He then says, "Don't ever let me catch you in that costume again" and jumps off the roof.

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