"Search for a Hero, Part 5: Pushing Buttons, Pulling Strings"
Robin 181 Cover
Robin #181
December 17, 2008
Written by Fabian Nicieza
Cover by Freddie E. Williams II
Pencilled by Freddie E. Williams II
Inked by Freddie E. Williams II
Colored by Guy Major
Lettering by John J. Hill
Edited by Mike Marts, Janelle Siegel
Previous Issue Batman and the Outsiders #13
Next Issue Teen Titans #66

Steph: "She's fast! Faster than me. Damn, I'm rusty. Whatever. I'm SMARTER. And a whole lot more willing to fight dirty than I ever used to be!"

Red Robin is revealed, and Anarky is unleashed in Gotham City! A daring jailhouse rescue rips the GCPD apart, forcing the Spoiler to live up to her name! Plus, Oracle and Jason Bard team up again! And while all this is going on, where is Robin? Maybe he's M.I.A.... or is it R.I.P.?

Summary of Stephness: Tim has been seriously injured in an explosion at The General's warehouse. Though he did not contact Stephanie after the incident, she knows he is alive because she combed the rubble for him after the police left. As she watches the Gotham gangs fight, she thinks regretfully on how he doesn't trust her anymore, but she was only deceiving him because Batman ordered her to make him a better Robin by any means possible. However, she vows to make it right, because she loves him and she knows he loves her. But, she wonders, what's love got to do with it anymore?

Stephanie is doing her nightly rounds in Gotham when she stumbles upon the Gotham Gangs trying to make a truce. However, Lynx II is having none of it, and grabs a Blackgater, Dublin, around the neck after smashing a table. Stephanie, uncomfortably reminded of War Games, thinks, "Nuh uh, seen this episode already," and bursts through a glass window, kicking Lynx in the face. Lynx yells that she won't lose to some poser in a cape, but Spoiler handily defeats her with some pizza pallets. The meeting erupts into fighting, and Stephanie wonders if it's partly her fault. Several girls stand in defense of her, one of them yelling, "We've got you back, sister!" to which Stephanie thinks, "Least SOMEONE does."

The fight is interrupted by a man yelling that Anarky is outside. Everyone runs out, and Anarky threatens them with a bomb. Spoiler yells that she'll stop it before it hits the ground, to which Anarky says, "but will you stop the one I planted three hours ago?" and the plaza promptly explodes. Spoiler and several others are thrown by the blast, but Steph does not appear to be seriously injured.

Tim arrives to fight Anarky, wearing the Red Robin cowl to cover his burnt head.

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