"Search for a Hero, Part 4: Gray Knights"
Robin 180 Cover
Robin #180
November 19, 2008
Written by Fabian Nicieza
Cover by Freddie E. Williams II
Pencilled by Freddie E. Williams II
Inked by Freddie E. Williams II
Colored by Guy Major
Lettering by Sal Cipriano
Edited by Mike Marts, Janelle Siegel
Previous Issue Robin #179
Next Issue Batman and the Outsiders #13

Steph: "Before he...left...Batman told me I had to make Tim better. And that's what I've been trying to do...but...I just don't know...I don't know...if making him a better Robin will make him a worse person..."

As the Gotham youth gangs run rampant and the "blue-flu" sweeps the indignant Gotham police force, Robin faces off against a surprising yet familiar foe. And what role does Spoiler play in this opponent’s grand scheme?

Summary of Stephness: Stephanie saves Tim's life once again by tackling the Scarab as she launches an RPG at Tim. His fight with Red Robin over, Tim grabs Spoiler and swings to the rooftops. Stephanie protests she doesn't need help, but Tim is deeply skeptical, pointing out she's injured. Stephanie says it's "...just a little...gunshot wound..." but Tim insists on getting her back to the cave, but he first disperses the riot with a low grade, thirty second lasting variant of the Scarecrow's fear gas.

Stephanie is silent on the way back and Tim wonders if Stephanie approves or disapproves of his extreme tactics. Back in the cave, Alfred stitches Steph up, and she tells him what Tim has done. Alfred notes he doesn't detect disapproval in Stephanie's voice. Stephanie says, "Yeah..." and thinks to herself that she doesn't know if it's good or bad. She's following Batman's orders and testing Tim to make him a better Robin...but she worries making him a better Robin will make him a worse person.

Stephanie lies to Tim and says Scarab was the one who shot her. Tim catches the lie, but lets it go. Later, Tim is fighting Red Robin and he is revealed to be The General. The General tells Tim that "his little girlfriend" knows about the General's secret lair. Tim realizes and confirms with Alfred the General must be the one who shot Stephanie, and goes to the abandoned warehouse where Steph was last seen on Tim's security cams.

Tim wonders why Steph lied about the General shooting her, but he has bigger problems, because when he gets to the warehouse, it has been wired to explode, apparently by Anarky.

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