"Search for a Hero, Part 1: The Concrete Cauldron"
Robin 177 Cover
Robin #177
August 20, 2008
Written by Fabian Nicieza
Cover by Freddie E. Williams II
Pencilled by Freddie E. Williams II
Inked by Freddie E. Williams II
Colored by Guy Major
Lettering by Sal Cipriano
Edited by Mike Marts
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Next Issue Robin #178

Scarab: "And your relationship regarding the target?"
Spoiler: "It's complicated..."

Facing some of the toughest criminals and monsters known to man is nothing compared to dealing with your on again/off again, back-from-the-dead girlfriend's enraged deadbeat dad! A not-so-happy reunion puts Robin between Spoiler and Cluemaster and this time, he's not so easy to get rid of.

Summary of Stephness: Tim runs into Steph at school, and she wants to talk to him about their problems. He apologizes for not talking to her earlier, saying he was mad. She tells him Batman ASKED her to keep him out of the RIP business, to which Tim replies, "That worked out so well". Steph reiterates they need to talk, but they are interrupted by Zoanne, who needs help from Tim with AV equipment. Tim calls that they'll talk later, leaving Steph, but thinks to himself that the both know it's a lie and everything has changed, including them.

The last page of the issue has Scarab taking a job from someone, pointing out that it's odd because she was hired to kill Robin once before. Off panel her contract replies it didn't take, and Scarab asks what the relationship to the target is, and her contract is revealed to be Spoiler, who replies, "It's...complicated."

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