"The Fix"
Robin 170-00fc
Robin #170
January 16, 2008
Written by Chuck Dixon
Cover by Freddie E. Williams II
Pencilled by Chris Batista, Jamal Igle
Inked by Cam Smith, Rick Ketcham, Rodney Ramos
Colored by Guy Major
Lettering by Randy Gentile
Edited by Jeanine Schaefer
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We don't look back, I know that. But Steph's a different story for a different reason. She didn't even get a memorial in the cave. - Tim Drake

After a life-changing battle with Ra's al Ghul in Nanda Parbat, Robin comes home to Gotham to find there's a new girl in town--a vigilante wearing a color he can't ignore.

Summary of Stephness: Batman and Robin investigate the thuggish victims of a new vigilante called "Violet". Because of the color of the caper (namely, purple). Tim confides in Batman that he's reminded of Stephanie. Batman responds tersely that he shouldn't look back, and that he and Tim did all they could do to discourage Spoiler. Tim is less than pleased with this response, and the next day bitterly reflects he and Batman never talk about Steph, and about how she didn't get a memorial in the Batcave. He has a run in with Violet that gets him a black eye, but the next day he sees a familiar blonde head bobbing down his school hallway. "It's not the hair," he notes. "It's the way she walks." He runs after the blonde, but she disappears. He wonders if his vision is a result of a hit on the head from Violet, or the fact he's been recently reminded of Steph.

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