"Fresh Blood, Part One: Too Many Ghosts"
Robin 132 00
Robin #132
November 17, 2004
Written by Guy Major, Bill Willingham
Cover by Damion Scott
Pencilled by Damion Scott
Inked by Damion Scott
Colored by Guy Major
Lettering by Phil Balsman
Edited by Michael Wright
Previous Issue Batman #634
Next Issue Batgirl #58

Part 1 of the 4-part ROBIN/BATGIRL crossover "Fresh Blood," featuring the return of artist Damion Scott! Robin is coping with crippling personal losses, and how he deals with these heartaches will send him in an unexpected direction...and into the path of the stone-fisted Batgirl!

Summary of Stephness: Steph is being buried with her mom present; Bruce Wayne is seen walking to a tree behind the funeral where Tim Drake is standing. Tim is emotionally exhausted from Steph’s death and does not take to Bruce trying to be his father to console him. He tells Bruce that he wants to continue on a Robin, but that he will not be like him. He feels not to continue on as Robin and will not squander the sacrifice of people including Steph, who paid the most terrible price, by quitting again. He tells Bruce that he is going to Blüdhaven to be close to Dana at a private clinic there. So Robin will be in Blüdhaven while Batman will be in Gotham.

Later on in Robin’s new HQ in Blüdhaven, Alfred has been helping set up the HQ. During a conversation, Alfred states to Tim, “I find that a surprising callous attitude, Master Tim.” Tim responds in kind, “In the last few weeks, we each discovered the world to be a dangerous and uncaring place, Alfred. We had to finally grow up and see the ugly, predatory way of things.”

Alfred returns back to Wayne Manor and Bruce asks about Tim, saying that the change is disturbing more than just sad. Allred had hopes that when Tim came to them, that he would rub off on Bruce and make him more optimistic and brighter but the opposite has happened with Tim becoming more like Bruce. Steph’s death has changed Robin and at this point is does not look for the better.

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