Robin #128
July 21, 2004
Written by Bill Willingham
Cover by Damion Scott
Interior Art by Damion Scott
Colored by Guy Major
Lettering by Phil Balsman
Edited by Michael Wright
Previous Issue Teen Titans #13
Next Issue Batgirl #54

Scarab: "You're not Robin. You're a woman. Not even that. You're not very much more than a little girl."
Steph: "A girl who's *hrrk* who's going to kick your *hsst*-"

Tim Drake continues to adjust to life outside the Batcave, while Batman and the new Robin face off against the deadly Scarab! Can the new Dynamic Duo stop this fearsome femme assassin from eliminating her ultimate target: the former Boy Wonder?

Summary of Stephness: Steph is treated like a jerk by the editors, writer, and Batman.

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Digital Comic Book
Batman: War Drums
Batman: War Games Vol. 1TPB

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