"A Life More Ordinary"
Robin #126
May 19, 2004
Written by Bill Willingham
Cover by Damion Scott
Interior Art by Damion Scott
Colored by Guy Major
Lettering by Phil Balsman
Edited by Michael Wright
Previous Issue Robin #125
Next Issue Robin #127

Steph: "No...not Stephanie...not even Spoiler...from now one you can call me...Robin."

First appearance of Stephanie Brown as Robin! Tim Drake has relinquished the cape and mask. Now, Batman must name a successor--and his new Robin isn't a Boy Wonder at all! The Girl Wonder makes her startling debut!

Tim Drake has relinquished the cape and mask. Now, Batman must name a successor and his new Robin isn't a Boy Wonder at all... The Girl Wonder makes her startling debut in Robin #126, written by Bill Willingham (Fables)! This landmark issue is a perfect jumping-on point for new readers and also features the debut of new series artist, Damion Scott (Batgirl)!

In the wake of the startling events of Robin #125, in which Tim Drake gave up the mantle of Robin, Batman must find a new teen hero to fill the void as his faithful apprentice. But you won't get the full story here. You'll just have to pick up the issue to discover the identity of the first female to take on the role of Robin in official continuity! Batman's choice will have repercussions throughout the DC Universe...and this story gets the ball rolling for much bigger events coming later in 2004.

Summary of Stephness: Steph sees Tim kissing Darla, decides to become Robin. Batman is a jerk about it, and it is clear he's doing it in large part because he wants to manipulate Tim.

Behind the Scenes: Damion Scott's bright, dramatic cover for this issue became one of the most iconic images of Steph's career as Robin, though sadly eclipsed by Jock's gory cover for Detective Comics #809.

Both Willingham and Dan Didio claim credit for making Steph Robin.

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Digital Comic Book
Batman: War Drums TPB
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Robin The Boy Wonder A Celebration of 75 Years HC
Robin: The Teen Wonder TPB

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