"The Wrong Town, Part 2"
Robin 113 cover
Robin #113
April 16, 2003
Written by Jon Lewis
Cover by Giulia Brusco, Andrew J. Pepoy, Pete Woods
Pencilled by Pete Woods
Inked by Andrew J. Pepoy
Colored by Heroic Age
Lettering by Willie Schubert
Edited by Nachie Castro, Matt Idelson
Previous Issue Young Justice #54
Next Issue JLA: Welcome to the Working Week

Steph: "Damn you! You're sick! Sick! SICK! If I was as sick as you, I'd drink a whole GALLON of lighter fluid!"

Robin's out of Gotham and in deep trouble! Trailing arms dealers who've been flooding the streets of Gotham with illegal weaponry seemed easy, but now Robin has stumbled into a small town with some dirty secrets. Can he discover the connection among the gunrunners, biker gangs, special children and...chocolate? Back in Gotham, the Spoiler's looking for insight into her dead father's life from the last person who'll give her a straight answer: the Riddler!

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