"Scattered Fruit, Part One: A Bug's Life"
Robin 107 cover
Robin #107
October 16, 2002
Written by Jon Lewis
Cover by Kevin Lau, UDON Studios
Pencilled by Pete Woods
Inked by Andrew J. Pepoy
Colored by Noelle C. Giddings, Digital Chameleon
Lettering by Willie Schubert
Edited by Matt Idelson, Nachie Castro
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Next Issue Young Justice #49

Tim: "Everything you said last night, those were all good reasons for Spoiler to avoid Robin. But why do Tim and Steph have to suffer? Come out with me tonight. No masks, no mask talk."

Steph: "Do you think we're capable of that?"

Tim: "Sure! It's the same thing we did at the start of our relationship, only reversed."

The giant, creepy creature known as Charaxis hits town...or does he? Before he was transformed into Charaxis, he was Killer Moth. Now, his legacy is running about town, and mystery abounds as a series of crimes is committed the same man! Meanwhile, Spoiler receives a piece of news that will change her life forever, and an old pal of Tim Drake's returns.

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