"Exit, Natalia. Enter...Nocturna?"
Robin 105 (kebbin) -00
Robin #105
August 21, 2002
Written by Jon Lewis
Cover by Michael Lopez
Pencilled by Pete Woods
Inked by Andrew Pepoy
Colored by Noelle Giddings, Digital Chameleon
Lettering by Willie Schubert
Edited by Nachie Castro, Matt Idelson
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Prescott: "Go get the Purple Girl, Sun Boy"!

Steph: "It isn't actually purple, you know. It's eggplant. Purple would have looked stupid."

It's the grand finale to the weirdest Robin tale we've done! Tim and Spoiler solve the riddle of Natalia, but are they too late to save her from a murderous stalker? And what strange gift does the stalker bear that draws his prey to him? See Robin and Spoiler like you've never seen them before, and be amazed as Steph reveals her manipulative side!

Summary of Stephness: Tim Drake helpfully recaps for us: Natalia Mitternacht gives off pheromones that make emotional inhibitions disappear. This had a very bad effect on schizophrenic Dylan Arthur Prescott who is now hunting down Natalia, wanting to attack her for being a witch. After a suicidal couple set fire to Natalia's building, Stephanie saved her and looked after her. However, Natalia has now escaped and is not only in danger, but a danger to people around her.

Natalia goes to get files from the Gotham subway, but is captured by Prescott. He puts a shard of glass to her throat, wanting to kill her for being a witch and causing him to see "visions" and "putting voices in his head". Natalia believes him to be a prophet. Robin arrives and tries to talk Prescott down- Prescott hallucinates him as a samurai and calls him "Sun Boy". He thinks Sun Boy is a "useless flunky" and demands "purple girl." Spoiler comes in right on cue, quipping, "It isn't actually purple, you know. It's eggplant. Purple would have looked stupid." She successfully talks down Prescott and convinces him to release Natalia. However, at the last moment he hallucinates her as a demonic ant creature and screaming, runs straight towards the moving subway train. Tim runs after him, but doesn't get there in time - Prescott is killed by the train, and the man who tried to catch him is badly injured, though Steph confirms he will live.

Steph narrates the last part of the issue, telling of Tim's guilt and how they turned Natalia over to Star Labs so they could help her. Natalia was distrustful, but Steph threatened to reunite her with her mother if she did not comply.

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