Robin 104 cover
Robin #104
July 24, 2002
Written by Jon Lewis
Cover by Michael Lopez, Andrew J. Pepoy, Chris Sotomayor
Pencilled by Pete Woods
Inked by Andrew J. Pepoy
Colored by Noelle C. Giddings, Brad Anderson, Digital Chameleon
Lettering by Willie Schubert
Edited by Matt Idelson, Morgan Dontanville
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Steph: "Just call me Schroeder."

Spoiler's identity has been compromised, and now Robin must risk revealing his to a hidden enemy in order to save her. Meanwhile, the mystery of the Astrology Lady grows, as a series of bizarre events all lead back to her. But how can Robin stop someone whose power is out of control?

Summary of Stephness: Robin is investigating the fire in Natalia Mitternacht's building. He suspects Dylan Arthur Prescott and confronts him. Prescott, a disturbed schizophrenic, hallucinates Tim as a kind of demonic samurai. Tim smells no kerosene on Prescott and realizes he couldn't be responsible. However, this puts it into Prescott's head to blame himself for the fire. He decides he did it to exterminate the "witch" Natalia and sees in the newspaper that the "purple girl" (Steph) saved her. He decides "purple girl" would save him too, if she knew "the witch" was evil.

The next day, Tim goes to Steph's place. He is startled to find Steph hanging at the house in costume with Natalia sleeping in Steph's living room. He demands an explanation for this strange behavior with Steph compromising her secret identity, but Steph brushes it off jovially, saying she never took off her costume and Natalia doesn't pay attention to addresses. Tim realizes Steph's strange behavior must be down to the emotional-inhibition-freeing pheromone, and realizes the opera house is not the source of this substance, but Natalia herself is. So he tells Steph to stuff some modeling clay up her nose. Steph is amused by this request, but complies because she trusts Tim.

Steph falls asleep, and when she wake up, she finds herself flummoxed by her previous decisions. She checks in with Tim over the phone, and he explains things. Steph posits the theory that Natalia doesn't know what she's doing, and Tim thinks she's right. They decide to get Natalia to a safe place.

Steph grabs a surgical mask to block the hormones and leads Natalia to Reverend Knutland's church, despite her protests. Steph lets Natalia play piano there, and plays a little herself when she gets tired of the bad music. Stephanie then goes to try to contact Natalia's mother. Natalia overhears her and, desperate not to see her mother again, escapes. Steph runs after her, but she's already too far ahead.

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