"Stage Presence"
Robin 102 cover
Robin #102
May 22, 2002
Written by Jon Lewis
Cover by Andrew J. Pepoy, Pete Woods
Pencilled by Pete Woods
Inked by Andrew J. Pepoy
Colored by Brad Anderson, Noelle C. Giddings, Digital Chameleon
Lettering by Willie Schubert
Edited by Matt Idelson, Michael Wright
Previous Issue Batgirl #28
Next Issue Birds of Prey #43

Steph: "Get inna ground, you slibe sugging wurb!" (thoughts) Apologies to any actual worms in the audience.

Tim has fallen under the thrall of a mysterious woman, one who might seem familiar to longtime readers. Spoiler's on the case, but when she prevents a murder she steps into an even deeper mystery. Meanwhile, Jack and Dana continue to struggle with their new lives in Gotham, and someone's about to make a deadly decision!

Summary of Stephness: Perching as Spoiler and observing the performance, Stephanie finds Natalia Mitternacht's playing to be horrible, but Tim Drake is actually crying and remembering the death of his mother. Steph wonders if the water served at the playhouse is drugged.

Tim goes home while Spoiler follows Natalia, wondering what her deal is. She sees an unsavory man rush up behind Natalia and the man yells at Natalia to stop telling him to do bad things. He starts to choke her out, but Stephanie swoops to the rescue and knocks him senseless.

Natalia thanks Steph but refuses to help her with the man's arrest. Steph tries to explain the police won't trust a masked avenger's story and she needs to file a report, but Natalia leaves her. Steph sighs and sits on the man's unconscious body.

On the way back, Tim remembers how Cole gave him a note from Steph. He reads it, realizes he forgot it was Steph's day off and rushes off to see her. However, he sees a gun running in progress and regretfully goes back to stop it as Robin.

Spoiler leads the man during the journey. The man reminds Steph of a friend of her father's called Jim Murray, the lowest of them all. "He had no costume, but he did wear a mask." She has no sympathy for the sobbing man she drags along as a result. Her beeper beeps and she thinks, "the Spoiler signal!" It turns out to be a pager she painted eggplant. She sees Tim has paged her.

The next day, Tim sees Natalia Mitternacht advertises as a side-realist and notes it. He also calls Steph and apologizes. She tells him she was at the opera house as Spoiler and talks about the assailant she stopped. She also tells him she finds Natalia's singing terrible. She is too tired from her cold to continue the conversation and Tim worries she's mad. The boy has the idea to prepare a dish for Steph to apologize and asks for Dana Drake's help. Meanwhile, at Natalia's place, she talks to a man quite besotted with her work, who admits he's always clear headed when she's around. Upstairs, a couple plots a double suicide with some diesel.

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