"Nature's Bride: A Tale of Robin and Marital Bliss"
Eighty page giant robin cover
Eighty-Page Giant Robin #1
July 26, 2000
Written by Chuck Dixon
Cover by Jesse Delperdang, Chris Sotomayor, Pete Woods
Pencilled by Diego Barreto
Inked by Diego Barreto
Colored by Shannon Blanchard, Allen Jamison
Lettering by Sean Konot
Edited by Frank Berrios, Matt Idelson
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Tim Drake: "Steph's roundhouse right. She's getting famous for it."

Wedding bells are in the air, and they're not for Robin and Spoiler! That's right, Jack Drake is getting hitched again, and now he'll be mellow, kindly, and nice to be around, not! As if spending his vacation with dad weren't enough, Tim's going to find himself face to face with the answer to this question: what happens when you mix your wedding plans with a love of archeology, unearthing something very dangerous in the process? Let's just say this is one wedding the Drake family will never forget!

Summary of Stephness: Stephanie gets a lot of screen time in this issue. She meets Dinah Laurel Lance, the Black Canary, and after a minor tiff with Tim, sets off to Dinah's house to ask to be her apprentice. She accidentally attacks Ted Grant, the Wildcat, thinking he's attacking Dinah, when he's simply training with her. She pleads with Dinah afterwards, and Dinah, reminded of herself at Stephanie's age, accepts Steph's offer to join as an apprentice.

Stephanie then helps Robin, Black Canary, and Wildcat fight a possessed Dana Winters, who, wearing the amulet that contains the old JSA villain Ravenna (Jack found it for Dana as a wedding present, see) can now control animals to turn against out heroes with murderous rage!

In the midst of the fight, Tim agrees to be more trusting of Steph from now on and affectionately tells her he keeps his secrets to protect her. It's a turning point in their relationship, though it certainly doesn't solve all of the trust problems between the two.

After being briefly held underfoot by a Ravenna controlled elephant, but saved by a Batarang by Tim, Steph saves the day when she gets the bright idea to knock out Dana with her "roundhouse right", thus ending Ravenna's control over the animals. Unfortunately for Dana, this means a black eye on her wedding day.


Other Characters in the story:
Black Canary (01 - Dinah Drake-Lance of Earth-2)
Black Canary (02 - Dinah Lance)
Doctor Fate (01 - Kent Nelson)
Dana Drake
Jack Drake
Hawkman of New Earth (Current Carter Hall)
Robin (03 - Tim Drake)
Wildcat (01 - Ted Grant)

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