Robin flying solo TPB

Collects Robin (1993) #1, Robin (1993) #2, Robin (1993) #3, Robin (1993) #4, Robin (1993) #5, Robin (1993) #6, Showcase '94 (1994) #5, Showcase '94 (1994) #6.

As the adolescent sidekick of Batman, Tim Drake has always followed the lead of his mentor without question. But when the Dynamic Duo has a falling out and Robin is banned from the Batcave, the Boy Wonder must forge his own path. Left alone to juggle the responsibilities of a personal life and a vigilante existence, Robin takes his first steps towards being an independent hero instead of a youthful sidekick. This coming of age super hero tale includes appearances by Batman, the Huntress, the Spoiler, Cluemaster, and the Electrocutioner.

Softcover, 176 pages, full color. Cover price $12.95.

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