"Bright Lights Gotham City"
Robin Argent Cover
Robin/Argent: Double-Shot
December 3, 1997
Written by Chuck Dixon, Dan Jurgens
Cover by Greg Land, Jose Marzan, Jr.
Pencilled by Greg Land
Inked by Jose Marzan, Jr.
Colored by Jason Wright
Lettering by John Workman
Edited by Eddie Berganza, Dana Kurtin
Previous Issue Robin #45
Next Issue Teen Titans #17

Robin: "SPOILER!"
Spoiler: "Oh, you remember me. Well, color me giddy."

The weekly excitement following the break-up of the TEEN TITANS begins here! The Titans' Argent heads to Gotham seeking guidance from Robin, but all she finds is trouble for them both at the hands of drug smugglers. And the only person who can help them is... Spoiler?!? 

Summary of Stephness: The action begins with the Titan, Argent, back home with her parents. They are happy to see her, but they also bring up the subject of abandoning her life with the Titans and remaining home. Argent doesn't take this very well, and she flees from the house to go to Gotham City. In Gotham, Robin oversees a man suspected of drug trafficking, but suddenly blue springs flash behind Robin, which frightens the man that Robin's monitoring, and Robin grabs Argent. After the man flees, Robin tries to get an explanation. She explains what just happened between her and her parents and her desire to remain with the Teen Titans. To apologize, she proposes that Robin comes with her to the place where he could find the source of the drug trafficking: the port of Gotham, but Robin is a little surprised at first before finally agreeing to go with her.

Once arrived at the port, the gunmen notice the arrival of the two heroes and start a fight: at the end, Robin and Argent are in a bad situation until Spoiler arrives to save the day. Argent takes advantage of the surprise caused by Spoiler to pursue the leader of the gang. Once close enough to the boat, she notices something strange and take the goods instead of arresting the leader. She takes the money back to port while Robin tries to explain to Spoiler who Argent is. This does not reassure Spoiler. Argent is now starting to see the side of Gotham from the Titans' side and proposes that Robin joins the Titans; Spoiler tries to argue, but Robin cuts her off, which does not please the young purple avenger.

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